Presenters at SC 2018


Software demonstrations:

Ben Campbell Retainer Me
Dan Ruta WebSight: Using AR and WebGL shaders to assist the visually impaired
Douglas Farr
Prize winner
 Applying Block programming to SQLA
Harry Osborne Evolving Stories
Harry Senior E-mail analysis
Hitherto Patel GOVUK mobile voting
Jake Golding, Alexander Sams,  Augmented Reality Solution for PETA LTD
James Ward Developing a digital sound processing prototype using a Raspberry Pi, to replicate guitar effect pedals
Jamie Cleare Gem-checker
Kees Jansen
Honourable mention
A visual representation of our universe
Markus Olszewski Port Point – Android guidance app for University of Portsmouth campus
Matthew Spalding The Impact of IT Systems Inside Vehicles
Nathan Pankhurst User Habit Correction in Typing
Nyah Jaff MyDriving
Panayiotis Karachristou, Kypros Selios, Adam Hankin ARMAS: utilising augmented reality in asbestos surveying
Peter De Sousa ChariWork
Ryan Lee Clark The Development of a Tool to Promote Understanding of Dementia in Young Children
Stuart Hotchkiss Cloudy with a Chance of Drones
Yasmeen Hazy Developing​ ​an AI​ ​therapeutic​ ​companion​ ​,​ ​to​ ​improve cognitive​ ​& communication​ ​skills​ ​in​ ​children
James Dykes Responsive web app to enhance older adults’ short term memory
Kwabena Appiah-Peprah Show Tracker: Tracking the progress of television shows and movies
Danyaal Amjad University of Portsmouth Treasure Trails App
Lance Siddall Virtualisation with the VM, an introduction to Docker
Marcin Szydlowski Window Cleaning Website – for Summit Window Cleaning
Robert Stow An app/robust, responsive website that will provide memory games for an aging population
Tom Fox The Design and Implementation of a notification based discount application for students


Alec Robinson An investigation into how nations use cybersecurity strategies to protect critical infrastructure
Alex Marshall Identifying Value in Cybersecurity Investment
Chloe Bryson Blockchain: Revolutionary or Novelty?
Daniel Buckwell An Investigation into the ‘Invisible Internet Project’: Monitoring Anonymous Communications on the I2P Darknet
Delia Denies
Honourable mention
How secure are we under the small printed terms and conditions?
Gregory Harrison Speech To Text for the hard of hearing in Higher Education
Jackson Jacob
Honourable mention
Progress Web Applications for the student housing market
Jason Bissessur
Prize winner
An investigation into Job Polarisation with Artificial Intelligence and the Impact on Employment
Jonathan Jones Elderly aversion to technology
Joshua Read Exploring the application of Soft Systems and its alternatives within IS healthcare projects
Kaan Apaydin Run A Race – An Android route tracking application for runners
Kyle Minter Polarity/emotion detection in social media data
Nicholas Jackson Smart-Home: A Raspberry Pi approach
Raise White An optimum, python-based controller setup for adding firewall capability to a Software Defined Network
Timilehin Odeyinka “PortPark” – Development of an android mobile parking application
Tori Tompkins Advanced Analysis of Darknet Forums
Zainab Mutlaq-Ibrahim A data mining framework for analyzing students’ feedback of assessment
CAR students Coursework presentations


Fatima Chiroma Text classification for detection of potential threat
Zainab Mutlaq-Ibrahim A data mining framework for analyzing students’ feedback of assessment
Angus Barraclough  Augmented reality project
Clement Dallard Maximum community: computational complexity and approximation
Mani Ghahremani A Direct Link between Treewidth the Minimum Fill-In problem
Oluwatobi Fajana Deanonymizing Tor Botnets through Intelligent Traffic Analysis
Alaa Mohasseb
Prize winner
A Customised Grammar Framework for Text Classification
Xudong Wang
Honourable mention
Mastering Gomoku from Scratch by Applying AlphaZero Algorithm and Generalised Representation
Hassan Zaidi Deep learning in healthcare: death in a heartbeat
Uchenna Ogenyi
Bangli Liu RGBD sensor based human action recognition