Presenters at SC 2017

Some of the presenters at last year’s Student Conference

Software demonstrations:

Zain Ali Adding graphics tools to existing programming tools
Matt Champion Archery coaching system
Joseph Dashwood Simple, Fast, Secure: An Encrypted Messaging Application for Android
James Hopkinson Facial Recognition: Proof of Concept using Open Source Libraries (FR:PoC)
Janae Kelly Investigating the Accuracy of Using Wi-Fi to Locate Mobile Devices
Edward McKnight “TintVision: An app to improve use for those with vision impairments and specific learning disabilities”
Adrian Sertin Climbing learning app
Aidan Simmonds Exploring exploits surrounding WiFi Drones
Jake Sloane Forensic Data Visualisation – Android Mobile GPS Location Data
Lewis Watts Multi-purpose CSI tool for live acquisition
Adam Barnes Setting goals monitoring achievement mobile app
Martin Vasilev 3D coding with goggles
Matei Dinca Augmented reality project – asbestos tracking- together with two below
Mike Andrews PRISM project
Daniel Bilsborough Using Business Intelligence to Analyse Profitability
Ahsana Choudhury Agile methodologies in the workplace
Daniel Walters Human Reviews Interaction – A Search Engine for Amazon Reviews
Stewart Flack Android loyalty points app
Jahidul Islam Buddy Support Web Application


Emma Barclay Cyber security preparedness in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) within the South of the UK
Janusz Bartkow Energy Management System for medium company
Ben Betts Honeypots – Help or Hindrance
Tian Chung Chee Financial Tracker for students
Jon Freeman-Bell Organizational politics
Michael George Development of an ASCOM Framework and Driver
Susmita Giri Can emerging technologies like the virtual reality headset help to recover Nepal’s tourism industry
Giovanah Gogi Machine learning approach for diagnosis and prognosis of cardiovascular diseases
Devraj Gurung Android Application: Portsmouth City Guide
Shirley Gurung Mobile application
Marinos Iliadis Augmented Reality  PETA project
Christos Kazamias Augmented Reality PETA project
Bekezela Ngwenya Alternative learning styles teaching environment
Fouad Soukeur Location-based mobile application development