Presenters at SC 2016


Software demonstrations:

Toby Applegate  Travelling iOS app
Anastasios Barlas Interactive 3D visualizalition of the Metropolitan Museum of Art on a web browser, by using WebGL and Javascript
Angus Barraclough  Augmented reality project
Bobby Boxall Localised based system to support informal learning for tourists
Daniel Bull Cloud based, agile project management web application for scrum teams
Robert Calcroft Vendor Agnostic Wishlist Creator with Public OAuth2 REST API
Louis Capitanchik  Espresso Compile-to-asmjs language for beginners
Alice Charterton  Musical pitch app
Sean Crowther Booking system for specialist labs
Sam Davies Public-facing cemetery information system
Merlin Govier Developing an offline-first marking Web Application for modern devices
Bethany Griggs Living meta-analysis web application
Gabriel Ignat Smart-Home: A Raspberry Pi approach
Peter Jones Interactive tool for foreign language study
Chris Kirkham Data analytics – algorithm for customer profiling for targeted campaigns
Calvin MacLeod Life Beacon
Conor O’Rourke Mobile application for augmentative and alternative communication
George Phillips Bringing people face-to-face using social technology, Coffee Conversation: an Android application
Joshua Placsom Automatic verification of exploits for Android devices
Mathieu Pyle Living meta-analysis web application
David Ralph Augmented reality asbestos surveying
James Richmond Student Housing – mobile inventory 
Dylan Scott Virtualisation with the VM, an introduction to Docker
Tim Varley Detecting Online Resource neutrality and reliability
Joshua Vowles Student Movement across Campus
Steven Welch Mobile application for new students with location detection features
Simon Wild Alternative phone number Android application




Salihu Abba Abdulrazaq University of Portsmouth undergraduate study buddy
Juned Ahmed e-democracy, youth and social networking sites
David Fielder Student use of laptops/ tablets/ smartphones during lectures
Dilwar Hussain Internet usage and older people
Jestin johnson Evaluating aorting algorithms
Freddie Jonas A data extraction tool for unknown mobile apps
Daniel Kinny ‘Big Data’ classification using evolutionary computation
 Nicholas Liffen  Web portal for school communication with parents to deter truancy
Tongai Matongorere Nothing to hide, nothing to fear
Afeezat Oyeyemi Interoperability challenges in sharing health and care data
Jozef Stodulski Knowledge Base Powered Article Classifier


Conversation Hubs 

Data Analytics and Computational Intelligence Dr Mohamed Bader, Dr Mihaela Cocea
Cybersecurity and Forensics  Dr Gareth Owenson, Dr Nick Savage
Augmented Reality  Dr Athanasios Paraskelidis
Internet of Things  Dr Carl Adams
Computing and Education  Petronella Beukman, Hannah Knowles, Shannon Jones
Web Research  Dr Rich Boakes


Other presenters:

Mobile App Design and Development students Aris Panayiotou, Josef Abbasikadijani, Gbolahan Rilwan Olokunola, Kitithat Sasikarn, Bin Jiang, Ting Yan Choi, Mikael Olsson, Gabriel Salame, Ebenezer Olanrewaju Oyenuga
Web Research students  Tim Varley, Sean Crowther, 
MSc Research Methodologies students  Elisavet Andrikopoulou, Shane Ogilvie, Sandra Idehen
 PhD students  Alaa Alkhafaji, Eleman Teitei, Muntadher Sallal