Presenters at SC 2015


Software demonstrations:

Shaun Anderson  Collating network based information to assess and correlate security issues world-wide
Peter Boyd  Examination of a crypto product for vulnerability
Alex Bright  System authentication using an EEG
John Daligault  HeyStudent: The student network
Carl Davidson  Touchscreen web application for a rehabilitation system
Charalampos Detsis  Enhancing user experience in large venues using RFID tags
Robin Eklind  Compositional decompilation using LLVM IR
Max Hunt  Improving the ease of use of smart watches, with gesture control
Robert Livingstone  Designing and developing electronic voting software
Gary Malone  Detection of faces and objects from live and still images
Kyriakos Naziris  Raspberry Pi home security system
Aris Panayiotou  University of Portsmouth induction week android application
Dan Wake  Wearable technology in the gym
Alan Walkerdine  Two devices one game: creating a game crossing PC and Android
Charlie Woolf  Real time collection and visualisation of car engine statistics



Khalid Al Tamimi  Counselling app for genetic blood diseases
Jia Ying Ang  IT support for chronic kidney disease patient self-management
Garrick Bassey  Impact of Facebook on students’ wellbeing
Dena Eltahir  Friendly companion app
William Ettle  “ReTrO” – A universal remote transceiver controller for mobile devices using Bluetooth connectivity
Jaypal Jeer  Permission denied!
Russell Murray  Active translation: a context aware translation application
Andreea-Roxana Obreja The business potential of the Deep Web for SMEs
Henry Okoro  Insights, issues and challenges of applying DBMS in hospitals within developing countries
Todd Perry  Data mining methods for predicting field failures in storage systems
Tsvetelina Prodanova  E-government development in Bulgaria – status-quo, comparative study and perspectives
Linn Schwartkop  Development of tag-based wearable technology with mobile applications to manage and organise big events
Kamil Wielocha  How do UK supermarkets use the loyalty scheme system to gain and maintain market share?
David Williams  Estimating the position of moving vehicles from an unstable moving platform
Craig Wilson  Multi-level models of cardiac tissue


PhD students:

Ahmad Abu-bakar  Intuition based decision methodology for ranking fuzzy numbers using centroid point and spread
Nabeela Altrabsheh  Predicting students’ emotions using machine learning techniques
Farzad Arabikhan  Modelling telecommuting for transportation demain management using a rule based network
Muhammad Khalif  Generalised fuzzy Bayesian logistic regression with adaptive multiple centroid defuzzication
Han Liu  Bias and variance: nature of machine learning problems
Kazeem Oseni  Barriers facing e-service adoption and implementation at local government level in Nigeria, a lower middle income country: an analysis
Muntadher Sallal  Proposed contribution to improve Bitcoin scalability
Mark Venn  Using a sensor enabled home to support independence in young autistic adults
Abdul Yaakob TOPSIS based multi criteria decision making methodology for fuzzy systems and networks
Husam Yaseen   Capturing the growth of e-commerce in Jordan using a novel research approach


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