Agenda for Presentations session 1.00pm-3.00pm in PO 0.28

The agenda for the Presentations session Wed 3rd April 2019 1.00pm–3.00pm PO 0.28 (North Lecture Theatre):
1.00pm Mani Ghahremani – Minimising Cost of Inert Node Searching is Monotonous
1.15pm Clement Dallard – Complexity of colourful components problems on k-caterpillars
1.30pm Zainab Mutlaq Ibrahim – A Data Mining Framework to Detect Issues of Assessment in Higher Education
1.45pm Ramazan Esmeli – Short term intention and context aware recommender system 
2.00pm Daniel Olabanji Private Cloud Computing Adoption and Decision making using an Expert system
2.15pm Disi Chen – Online Human In-Hand Manipulation Skill Recognition and Learning
2.30pm Emma Boakes – Ensuring cyber physical security in the digital built environment
2.45pm Ojukwu Ijeoma – Investigating the challenges of change management and knowledge sharing in organisations
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