StarBet: Betting and authentication app

Lance Biddall
BSc Computer Science

Betting has become more popular in the digital world with the release of smartphones, ease and accessibility of applications and the freedom of on the move digital interactions. Now it is becoming less common for people to physically go into a betting establishment to place a bet. With new successful apps being created at an exponential rate, there is the potential to creating a unique betting app which is used solely for the users, removing 3rd parties and their financial incentives.

This project application called “Starbet” aim to firstly Create a betting game that is used within a social setting, where users can bet and authenticate between themselves to win game currency and not real tender. The final aim is to give the users an understanding of betting and the potential drawbacks from a protected environment. “Starbet” application uses Firebase real-time database for instant database manipulations to enable users of android devices to rely on instant updates to bets.

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