Designing a Tailorable Email Analysis Tool

Harry Senior
BSc Forensic Computing

The purpose of this project was to create a tool that can be used to analyse large quantities of emails for useful statistics. Most if not all companies have some sort of email policy requiring employees to be punctual with replies, conscious of possible malicious emails, and to keep email usage professional and appropriate. Enforcing this can be difficult, requiring HR to sift through many emails in order to identify issues. As the uses for a tool like this are broad the goal was to create a platform to allow a user to modify analysis methods to accomplish their goals and identify trends. Two versions where programmed, the second being an improvement on the first, and a third version was designed to be an improvement on the second. The program was designed to allow direct modification of the database, the methods used to insert data, and the procedures used to generate statistics. Creating a versatile platform for analysis means each deployment of the program can be modified to accomplish different goals.

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