Jamie Cleare
BSc Computer Science

Many programming languages today use package libraries that provide developers with a
number of easy to use, and implement, features and functionalities. However not maintaining these libraries can lead to the introduction of vulnerabilities and deprecated code in software applications, as well as causing a variety of issues when upgrading software to the latest versions.
This project proposes a notification alert package for the purpose of identifying out-of-date
and poorly maintained package libraries implemented on Ruby on Rails applications,
otherwise known as Gems. The package developed in this project will analysis the current
versions of Gems installed on Ruby on Rails applications and compare them with the most
recent versions available from the ruby gem hosting service, Once
analyzed, the package will produce a variety of notifications, alerting developers to the
version status of Gems installed on their applications. This project hopes to support
developers with maintaining library packages used within their applications and help gain a better understanding of the Gem packages themselves.

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